Five Pointers for Choosing a Good Plastic Surgeon


So you want plastic surgery. The good news is there are many surgeons out there who can perform the procedure. The not-so-good news is they're not all created equal, which means you'll need to do some serious homework before choosing someone. After all, this is surgery. Even if you only want to get a bust lift, the wrong surgeon can still put your health or even your life in danger, so don't take chances.


Here are five ways to spot a good plastic surgeon:


1. Check for board certification.


This is obviously the most important consideration. Remember that any doctor is licensed to perform plastic surgery - they all studied that in medical school. However, you want a specialist, and a plastic surgery specialist is someone who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Note that there are several organizations that certify plastic surgeons, but the ABPS is the only board approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties.


2. Look into your prospective surgeon's records.


The last thing you want is a plastic surgeon who has been sued even at least once for malpractice. This kind of surgeon must be avoided not just because he may not give you the results you want, but also because he can actually put your life peril. Make sure you investigate your prospective surgeon's plastic surgery denver background by checking with your state licensing board, which lists malpractice judgments against certain doctors, including any disciplinary actions by the board.


3. Forget bundle procedures.


Sometimes, a plastic surgeon will offer to perform multiple surgeries in one go. The explanation for this is simple: more procedures mean more money for the doctor. Unfortunately for a patient, more procedures mean more risk. If you want to stay on the safe side - and you should, always - just take it one plastic surgery denver at a time. Besides, a reputable plastic surgeon will never suggest multiple surgeries because they know how much that takes a toll on a person's health.


4. Look for substantial procedure-specific experience.


If a plastic surgeon's practice is ten years old, that doesn't automatically mean he is right for you. It still depends on the procedure you want and the procedure the surgeon has performed for most of his career. For example, if you're planning on breast augmentation surgery, don't go to someone who has been doing nose jobs all this time.


5. Find out if the surgeon has hospital privileges.


Many plastic surgeons have their own facilities where they perform their surgeries. If they have hospital privileges too, that is a very good sign. Hospitals are very strict when it comes to screening their doctors so if a plastic surgeon has no such privileges, it is clearly a red flag.


Again, remember that not all plastic surgeons are the same. This fact alone should convince you that it's important to spend time knowing more about your prospect before actually letting him touch you.